Cahyawardhani: I get to be involved in international events



The sole reason of why I want to intern at OGI in the first place is to find for positivity. I have had enough of negative publication about Indonesia coming from all sorts of media. I was curious. I was curious of how the government actually works (or perhaps does not work) that people are constantly sending negativity to the country.

I didn’t only find positivity, I am overwhelmed by it. In the office, I constantly hear openness, participation, involvement, transparency. I get to work closely with an initiative which is seemingly utopic, yet is promoted on a daily basis here. I met with a lot of people, from fellow interns like me to ambassadors and ministers. As an event specialist intern, I get to be involved in international events and even got the chance to express my own idea.

Thank you, Open Government Indonesia! @cahyawardhani-

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